(descriptions from Glow Worm website)

A solar thermal solution will provide a typical household with 50 to 60% of their Domestic Hot Water in a year. In the sumer this will be as high as 100% meaning that the boiler will never have to be fired up, therefeore saving money and energy. In the winter the boiler will be required to help heat the domestic hot water a little more due to the lower level of energy produced by the sun.

People tend to think that a solar solution can only work if the sun is shining, but this is not the case as Solar Thermal Systems work with diffused radiation, so if it's cloudy, no problem, a good level of the suns energy can still be obtained to heat your hot water.


Robert Johns Plumbing and Heating Services Limited have undertaken the necessary training courses and are an approved installer of the Glow Worm Clearly Solar System.


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When carring out our installations for Solar Energy Systems we tend to use Glow-worm as a preferred supplier. We find their Clearly Solar Panels have a good surface area for collecting the energy, are very robust and are one of the lightest flat panels on the market.



1. The panels collect energy from the sun which heats the fluid in the solar panel.
2. †When the fluid in the panels is hot enough, the pump station circulates the hot fluid around the system.
3. The hot fluid is pumped around the coil at the bottom of the twin coil cylinder and heats the potable (or mains) water held within the cylinder for domestic use.
4. †If the temperature sensor in the cylinder detects that the solar panel hasnít collected enough energy to heat the hot water to the required temperature, thatís when the boiler will fire up, heat the top coil of the cylinder and top up the temperature of the hot water so that it comes out of your taps at the temperature needed.
5. The solar controller is the brains of the operation, managing the solar system during daylight hours, enabling you to time your hot water, just like a heating programmer, and measure the amount of energy you have gained from the sun. †


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